Who We Are


Our mission is to provide our clients with a start-to-finish, smarter energy solution. By applying our three decades of practical experience and continuously maintaining a multi-disciplined team we provide our clients the highest level of service.


Our vision is to create a work-life balance by developing a streamlined and innovative workplace to maintain our reputation for being industry leaders. Whether you’re an energy veteran or beginning your career, ZGlobal offers you the opportunity to develop and advance your career by working alongside like-minded people.

Field of solar panels with an energy storage station
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We are
Industry leaders.

We earn the respect of our clients through proven leadership in the energy industry. Our team is led by several of the pioneers of CAISO and several industry leaders who train and mentor each of our employees to develop top talent.

We Do
Meaningful Work.

We have unparalleled real-life experience in operating one of the largest utilities in the country (Pacific Gas &Electric), launching the 1st energy wholesale market, and operating the largest single grid in the West (CAISO). We are practitioners who understand the intersection of engineering principles and financial realities. We aim to perform end-to-end engineering and financial assessments to streamline the flow of electrons and money to benefit our clients.

We Think

Our Experience encompasses four decades of track records in building a greener grid by meeting deadlines. Our Consulting and Design services, for new and re-power projects, have led our clients to retain our operating services during the operating phase of the project. Our services are designed to be vertically integrated, starting from greenfield development, to construction, up to the operation of the project, spanning through the life of the project, which can last decades.

we are a Profit-Sharing Company



Bio Ziad Alaywan, P.E.

Ziad Alaywan, P.E.

Founder & CEO - Chairman of the Board
Bio Kevin Coffee

Kevin Coffee, P.E.

Senior Vice President Electric Operations - Board Member
Bio Jesse Montaño

Jesse Montaño

Senior Vice President Infrastructure Development Services - Board Member
Bio Christine Vangelatos

Christine Vangelatos

Managing Director Engineering & Market Analytics - Board Member
Bio Shawna Barva

Shawna Barva

Director of Business Operations - Board Member
Bio Brian Rahman

Brian Rahman, P.E.

Vice President of Power Engineering and Markets - Board Member
Bio Herve Pare

Herve Pare

Director, Project Development Services
Bio Robin Smutny-Jones

Robin Smutny-Jones

Vice President, Business Development & Regulatory Affairs

Bob Stuart, P.E.

Principal, Grid Reliability Specialist

Ralph Cordova Jr. Esq.

Principal, Contracts and Legal
Bio Phillip G. Harris

Phillip G. Harris

Senior Advisor

ZG Team

Bio Abed Abou El Joud

Abed Abou El Joud

Information Technology & Security Manager

Anthony Narez

Real-Time Energy Scheduler
Bio Asil Rafiq

Asil Rafiq

Lead Power Engineer
Bio Blessen Jacob

Blessen Jacob

Manager, Forecasting and Analytics
Bio Brandon McCorkle

Brandon McCorkle

Information Technology & Data Analyst III
Bio David Frederick

David Frederick

Principal Grid/Markets Analyst

David Valenzuela

Real-Time Energy Scheduler

Deane Lyon

Principal System Operations
Bio Edgar Hernandez

Edgar Hernandez

Energy Portfolio & Finance Manager
Bio Enrique Alvarado

Enrique Alvarado

Real-Time Energy Scheduler

Jamal Batakji

Senior Market Specialist
Bio Jamil Labban

Jamil Labban

Manager Operations
Bio Joel Montano

Joel Montano

Associate Project Manager
Bio Josh Cain

Joshua Cain

Interim Manager, Market Settlements
Bio Joshua Cendejas

Joshua Cendejas

Real-time Energy Scheduler
Bio Julien Carrillo

Julian Carrillo

Real-Time Energy Scheduler

Jurg Heuberger

Principal, Environmental & Permitting Specialist

Lorenzo Rivera

Real-Time Energy Scheduler
Bio Mathew Dagdagan

Matthew Dagdagan

Day-Ahead Energy Scheduler
Bio Nicole Ramos

Nicole Ramos

Energy Portfolio Analyst III
Bio Nikki Ramos

Nikki Ramos

Administrative Assistant
Bio Omar Itani

Omar Itani

Senior Power Engineer
Bio Ramon Gonzalez

Ramon Gonzalez

Senior Project Coordinator

Rany Oleiwan

Senior Power System Engineer
Bio Ruben Dagdagan

Ruben Dagdagan

Real-Time Supervisor
Bio Samer Abou El Joud

Samer Abou El Joud, P.E.

Manager of Engineering
Bio Samia Alaywan

Samia Alaywan

Business Operations Analyst
Bio Sarah Kaaki

Sarah Kaaki

Environmental Analyst
Bio Stephen-Flores

Stephen Flores

Real-Time Energy Scheduler

Thomas Zale

Principal, Environmental & Permitting Specialist
Bio Victor Perez

Victor Perez

Market Analyst II

Zaher Harkous

Senior Power System Engineer
Bio Zane Alaywan

Zane Alaywan

GIS/Energy Analyst