David Frederick

David Frederick

Principal Grid/Markets Analyst

David is a Principal Grid/Market Analyst with a 25-year background in planning, markets, project management, and power operations. He offers Power System expertise with proven success working with industry committees as well as experience negotiating contracts and developing industry standards. He joined ZGlobal after 20 years with the Salt River Project holding a variety of positions such as Resource Planning, Power Marketing, and Power Operations. David’s main responsibilities are as follows: 

Compliance – Renewable Energy Generation:

  • Performing NERC generation compliance.
  • NERC’s primary compliance contact is responsible for submitting all scheduled periodic and requested data.
  • Analyzing NOPRs and standards proposed by regulatory agencies.
  • Reviewing engineering drawings and specifications of a renewable generation site in support of a data request from a federal power agency.
  • Reviewing the team’s engineering drawings and specifications from a renewable generation site.

Project Manager:

  • Managing interconnection request submittal for multiple developers of renewable and geothermal energy.
  • Assisting clients in setting up compliant lithium extraction located at geothermal power facilities.
  • Performing analysis of transmission availability and pricing for new geothermal and renewable generation development.
  • Managing the approval of the EHV transmission expansion project.
  • Working with host utilities and interconnecting generators to approve line rating increase.
  • Coordinating with outside stakeholders and ensuring all concerns are addressed.

Administrator Southwest Reserve Sharing Group (SRSG):

  • Administering a reserve sharing group of 16 power companies, and 263 generating facilities. the SRSG’s geographic area covers the southwest United States including Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and parts of Southern California and El Paso, Texas, total generating capacity of 38,662 MW.
  • Planning and conducting member compliance audits, leading audit teams, and presenting audit findings.      

David holds an accounting degree (Cum Laude) from Arizona State University and a political science degree from the University of Minnesota.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Increased participation in the SRSG from 31,451 MW/ 226 generating facilities in 2018 to 38,662 MW/ 263 generating facilities in 2022. The generating resources participating in the SRSG consist of nuclear, wind, solar, hydro, gas-fired, diesel, and batteries.
  • Increased generation responsiveness to replace operating reserve due to an outage event from 80% in 2018 to 91% in 2022. 
  • Led the development of compliance evidence for NERC/FERC audits.
  • Served on WECC and NERC standards development teams.     
  • Managed the addition of 1,000 MW new generation to the grid.
  • Part of a team that completed $400 million in asset purchases.
  • Negotiated terms and authored agreements for dynamic signal contracts.
  • Negotiated contracts for federal power customers.
  • Served as a representative to public power advocacy organizations.
  • Developed production cost model data shared with regional planning groups.
  • NERC-certified as a dispatcher/system operator in balancing area and transmission operations.