Maher Itani, P.E, MEng, PMP

Maher Itani

Principal Engineer

Maher is a Principal Engineer with over 25 years of experience in civil & electrical infrastructure projects. Maher is an expert in hands-on aspects of renewable & conventional energy factors with end-to-end project management. He has led the coordination of cross-functional teams in critical national infrastructure projects. His focus is transmission planning and field engineering for ZGlobal. Additionally, Maher conducts highly complex engineering studies of the transmission systems within WECC, with a focus on California, and has assisted in over 1,730 MW of generation development with a focus on processes and procedures to interconnect to the California grid. 

​Other responsibilities include: 

  • Conducting highly complex engineering and financial studies of the transmission systems within the US and Canada 
  • Providing Hydraulic and civil engineering design for pump storage projects. This would include the design and modeling of water usage, penstock, tunnels, upper, lower, regulating reservoirs, friction, efficiency, losses, and associated parameters to optimize revenue. 
  • Utilization of the General Electric Positive Sequence Load Flow (PSLF) or other similar software packages to perform power flow and transient stability analysis.
  • Conducting numerous Feasibility Studies and Site Assessments associated with connecting new-generation resources to the grid.
  • Providing power flow modeling used in economic analysis tools such as PLEXOS, MAPS, and Grid View.
  • Forecasting energy prices using Monte Carlo simulation and random variables method. 

​Maher holds a Master of Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering American University of Beirut, and a Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering (structural), MBA from the American University of Beirut (New York University charter school). In addition, he is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Performed an evaluation of the Eavor-Loop™ Geothermal technology that provides a novel solution that enables scalable, baseload, or dispatchable emissions-free energy with efficient use of water and significantly greater life expectancy compared to existing technology.

Performed an evaluation of the viability of the Southeast Oklahoma Pump Storage Project (“Project”) is proposing to design, engineer, and construct a closed loop with 1,200 MW and 1400 MW generating and pumping facility on an upper reservoir, a lower reservoir, and a regulating reservoir in Southeast Oklahoma using the Kiamichi River as the water source. The project includes high voltage transmission lines and a Substation of 40 Miles to SPP’s Valliant 345kv substation and an additional 60 miles to ERCOT ‘s Paris TX, 345kv Substation north of Dallas, TX. The Project is approx. 100 Miles south of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and 140 miles southeast of Oklahoma City.