Matthew Dagdagan

Mathew Dagdagan

Day-Ahead Energy Scheduler

Matt is a Day Ahead energy scheduler responsible for scheduling a variety of generators such as geothermal, solar, wind, hydro, hybrid generation, standalone energy storage, biomass, biogas, and natural gas generating resources along with load into the CAISO, Western interconnection, and ERCOT. Matt was previously a ZGlobal real-time scheduler.

Matt integrates clients’ scheduling and bidding strategies into the day-ahead market including the need to ensure Resource Adequacy and operational compliance.  He also prepares and analyzes dispatch models prior to bid and schedule submission, publishes operational reports in a timely manner, and produces end-of-day summaries for the day ahead operations center. Matt interfaces with clients, utilities, ISOs, and transmission owners/operators to ensure all schedules and bids are submitted in a timely manner and are consistent with all operating procedures.  His responsibilities include:

  • Scheduling or bidding load, generation resources, imports/exports.
  • Operationalizing dynamic schedules and Pseudo ties.
  • Submitting Inter-Scheduling Coordinator Trades (ISTs) and checkout with counterparties.
  • Creates and ensures that etags are approved by all operators and counterparties.
  • Manages transmission and generation outages.
  • Implements bidding strategies on behalf of clients’ approved policies.

Recent Accomplishments:

Matt currently manages the scheduling of 3,500 MW of load and approximately 10,500 of generation daily.