Miles W. Ingwers, Ph.D.

Miles W. Ingwers

Energy Analyst

Miles Ingwers is an Energy Analyst with a technical background in forecasting, in-depth statistical analyses, predictive modeling, and machine learning. As a part of the ZGlobal team, he works to develop strategic energy recommendations including resource deployment, load forecasting, bidding strategies, market analyses, congestive revenue rights (CRRs), and other customer needs.

Prior to joining the ZGlobal team, Miles worked as a business leader in four start-up firms where he led teams in both the analytical and biotechnology spaces.

  • B.S. Genetics & Plant Biology, University of California, Berkeley
  • Ph.D. Warnell School of Natural Resources, University of Georgia
  • Post Doctorate, Center of Applied Genetic Technologies, University of Georgia

Recent accomplishments:

  • Performed long and short-term deterministic and stochastic locational Marginal Price forecasts for over three renewable projects totaling 560 MW in California aimed at supporting project finance for our clients.
  • Developed an analytical-based analysis to inform bidding strategies for solar and energy storage co-located resources and standalone alone energy storage that take into account solar intermittency, batteries constraints, and market conditions.