Kevin Coffee, P.E.

Kevin Coffee

Senior Vice President Electric Operations - Board Member

Kevin is the Senior Vice President of Electric Operations at ZGlobal with over three decades of hands-on experience in the energy industry.  Kevin began his career as an electrical design engineer at Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.  After his time at Diablo Canyon, he worked on implementing PG&E’s first generation of energy management system real-time power system applications used to monitor PG&E’s generation and transmission system.  He has also worked in PG&E’s power and transmission contracts department where he negotiated and administered both FERC and CPUC jurisdictional contracts as well as provided testimony for PG&E’s electricity procurement operations under the CPUC’s Energy Resource Recovery Account (ERRA) and Energy Cost Adjustment Clause (ECAC) proceedings.  In 2001, Kevin headed up the effort to reestablish PG&E’s electricity procurement desk in order to manage PG&E’s generation fleet that included hydro, natural gas, qualifying facilities, nuclear, and renewable resources. These resources supply PG&E’s load and interact with the California Independent System Operator’s market.
Kevin is responsible for ZGlobal’s Electric Operations team that provides custom-designed services to our clients across CAISO, Western Interconnection and ERCOT. This includes day ahead and real-time energy scheduling, reliability services, portfolio management, power purchase agreement support, outage management, curtailment-induced redispatch, load forecast, Congestion Revenue Rights management, Resource Adequacy, implementation of bidding and scheduling strategies, transmission and generation operation. and enterprise energy management.

Under Kevin’s leadership, ZGlobal’s operation services span the entire Western Interconnection and ERCOT which has grown to include the real-time management of 3,500 MW of load and over 10,500 MW of generating resources throughout the western and ERCOT regions.

He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of California with Bachelor’s degree and a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from New Mexico State University.

​Recent Accomplishments:

  • El Centro Energy Storage
    Kevin led the development, design, and implementation of one of the first standalone energy storage project that began operation in 2016. The Project is a 30 MW lithium-ion energy storage project in a Southern California utility’s balancing area to allow the utility to better integrate solar energy production in its overall energy portfolio to serve its customers.  Kevin was the overall project manager, managing all aspects of the project, including design, procurement, integration, construction, and commissioning. Kevin also gained early experience in managing the real-time operation of several large solar and energy storage projects which have experienced exponential growth as the market moved into co-locating solar and energy storage systems.
  • Marin Clean Energy & Pioneer Community Choice Aggregator
    Marin Clean Energy selected ZGlobal to manage its load and resource portfolio and ongoing operational services as part of its successful effort to bring cost-effective, renewable energy to the communities it serves. Kevin has assisted MCE and Pioneer as they have significantly increased their size and expanded their footprints. Kevin leads the team that provides the following services:
    •    Scheduling
    •    Settlements
    •    Load Forecasting
    •    Risk Management Policy development
    •    Congestion Revenue Rights (CRRs) management
    •    Transmission and Generation operation.
  • The Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN)
    • Kevin developed the MEAN risk program for energy procurement for the fifty-plus member communities located in Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming.   MEAN’s risk program covers energy procurement, financial transmission rights, transmission congestion rights, and auction revenue rights in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) and Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO). 
  • Southwest Reserve Sharing Group (SRSG)
    • ZGlobal acts in the role of administrator for the 15-member SRSG.  During that time the SRSG has increased participation from 31,451 MW and 226 generating facilities in 2018 to 38,662 MW and 263 generating facilities in 2022. The generating resources participating in the SRSG consist of nuclear, wind, solar, hydro, gas-fired, diesel, and energy storage resources. Generation responsiveness required to replace operating reserves due to an outage event increased from 80% in 2018 to 91% in 2022.