Blessen Jacob

Blessen Jacob

Manager, Forecasting and Analytics

Blessen Jacob is a Manager of Energy Market Forecasting and Analytics with a focus on performing statistical data analysis with respect to deterministic and stochastic processes to aid in developing strategy recommendations related to CAISO, bilateral western interconnection, and ERCOT markets.  He is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and using multiple load forecasting algorithms based on historical load data and weather patterns to forecast hourly load usage for multiple clients with an objective to minimize error to actual metered usage while minimizing the associated energy cost to ZGlobal’s clients.
  • Developing long-term price forecasts associated with Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and energy asset evaluation.
  • Preparing data-driven reports for clients and reviewing them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis so that clients can understand the financial impact of their market participation.
  • Conducting technical analysis of the Congestion Revenue Rights (CRR) in California to analyze congestion patterns in the energy markets to create hedging strategies consistent with each client’s risk policies to offset congestion costs associated with market participation.
  • Participating in the CRR processes (allocation & auction) for ZGlobal’s load-serving entity clients, both monthly and annual.
  • Maintaining ZGlobal’s analytical models from 3rd party vendors, complementing the existing services ZGlobal provides to its load-serving clients.
  • Managing energy assets of load-serving entity clients by developing bid strategies & schedules, specifically for renewable energy resources with battery storage.

Prior to joining ZGlobal, Blessen worked as an Electrical Engineer on commercial and residential high-rise building projects for facility and project management-related companies.

Blessen holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science – Pilani, and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Implemented multiple load forecast strategies for over 11 GWh (annual) of load served by load-serving entity clients by accessing over 1,000,000 customers’ meter information, and maintained load forecasts, accurate within the 6% range of accuracy while keeping associated costs below 2%.
  • Developed congestion revenue portfolios to maximize hedge coverage to offset the congestion cost incurred by load-serving entity clients for their supply and demand schedules via CRR load allocation and auction processes, leading to over 60% cost hedge to our clients.
  • Assisted with managing five renewable generation & storage assets, totaling over 400 MW’s of hourly energy onto the grid.