Edgar Hernandez

Edgar Hernandez

Energy Portfolio & Finance Manager

In his role as ZGlobal’s Energy Portfolio and Finance Manager, Edgar oversees client project development services in the following areas:

  • Project accounting and project development including:
    • Maintaining, managing, and analyzing financial statements, balance sheets, and invoices.
    • Project accounts payable & receivable.
    • Project finance and return on investment.
    • Investment tax credit.
  • Federal and state tax preparation.
  • Land acquisitions and minerals rights.
  • Obtaining right-of-ways, easements, and title reports.
  • Project M&A.

Prior to working at ZGlobal, Edgar worked in banking for five years and general accounting for eight years.

Edgar Hernandez Garcia holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a Minor in Real Estate and Land Use.

Recent Accomplishments:

Supported client acquisition and closing of sale for several renewable projects with over 807 MW of renewable assets valuing over $3 billion.