Nicole Ramos

Nicole Ramos

Energy Portfolio Analyst III

Nicole is an Energy Portfolio Analyst managing over 1,050 MW of greenfield renewable energy development for ZG Clients. As part of ZG services, ZG offers a vertically integrated development service where we perform all tasks related to infrastructure development from feasibility to permitting, interconnection, and construction management.

Nicole works with a group of professionals from land acquisition, project engineering, permitting/environmental consultants, utility interconnection, project origination and indicative project cost, and project finance, to develop an accurate project schedule and financial model that considers all interconnection, engineering, and permitting constraints. The model is used to determine the project return and the impact of the various constraints that could have on the project return including Capex and OPEX.

Bringing all the project development disciplines together and translating the various project constraints and attributes is critical to providing a comprehensive, integrated impact assessment on project returns, timelines, and budgets. This also informs our clients of development risks and develops strategic risk mitigation.

Nicole also manages the following tasks from new and existing Clients’ projects:

  • Ensuring that operational and market aspects are included in long-term power purchase and scheduling agreements.
  • Assisting in developing strategies for assets RA management.
  • Submitting RA plans and schedule resources consistent with RA requirements.
  • Ensuring that generation resources establish Net Qualifying Capacity (NQC) consistent with interconnection agreements.
  • Acquiring Maximum Import Capability (MIC)
  • WREGIS Renewable Energy Credit accounting.
  • CARB GreenHouse Gas reporting.
  • FERC EQR reporting.
  • EIA reporting.

Bilateral OATT transactions across WECC.

Nicole has unique prior experience at ZG as a Settlements Analyst where she performed several tasks including the day-to-day analysis and assessment of CAISO /ERCOT settlement validation, reconciliation, and processing for ZGlobal’s generation and LSE clients. Nicole has two years of experience in operating the ZGlobal Day-Ahead scheduling desk which involves tasks including scheduling and bidding of ZGlobal clients’ resources, loads, imports, exports into CAISO and within western interconnections and ERCOT markets totaling about 13 GW, ensuring that all prerequisites for Resource Adequacy (RA) are satisfied, managing power supply and demand, ensuring that resources are compliant with CAISO telemetry and control requirements and monitoring energy markets.