Jesse Montaño

Jesse Montaño

Senior Vice President Infrastructure Development Services - Board Member

Jesse is the Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Development Services at ZGlobal with three decades of experience in the energy industry.  Jesse began his career in geothermal generation operations where he spent 13 years commissioning and managing geothermal generating facilities in Southern California.

In 2001, Jesse joined the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) as a NERC Certified Transmission and Reliability System Operator where he operated IID’s high-voltage electric system. Jesse was instrumental in IID adopting an Open Access Transmission Tariff and in the creation and implementation of its Open Access Same Time Information System (OASIS). Jesse was involved in the development and implementation of, the OASIS site supporting twenty-two transmission providers serving fourteen states in the western United States. Jesse chaired the WesTTrans technical committee for a period of time.

Jesse administered short and long-term transmission capacity purchases, sales, and interchanges with several utility marketers, brokers, and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). Jesse also established and managed IID’s generator interconnection process and oversaw the study, interconnection design, and eventual interconnection of generation facilities to the IID electrical grid.

Jesse eventually managed IID’s Business Development section where he supervised the development and negotiations of multiple Power Purchase Agreements.

In addition, Jesse has performed several alternative transmission rate design methodologies, such as flat energy charges, time-of-use energy charges, 12-CP demand charges, and alternative treatment of “through and out” wheeling charges; developed a compromise straw proposal that mitigated cost-shifts through regional differentiation of postage-stamp access charges and transition mechanisms; assisted counsel in revising transmission tariff language and implement the rate for Imperial Irrigation District and other public power entities.

​Since joining ZGlobal in 2010, Jesse has led the ZGlobal Infrastructure Development team in the development and synchronization of over fifty transmission, distribution, and generation projects. Jesse manages to grow the ZGlobal Infrastructure development business to successfully develop, permit, design, and oversee over 13,400 MW of renewable energy projects.

​​Jesse studied Public Accounting at the Universidad de Sonora in Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico.

Recent Accomplishments:

Performed and managed all project permitting, interconnection, design, project, and construction management. Managed project costs and contractors. Interface with local utilities and county/cities for the following operating and under-construction projects:

  • Holtville BESS – 30 MW
  • El Centro energy storage – 30 MW
  • Solar Gen 2 Solar – 3×50 MW
  • Seville Solar – 75 MW
  • Colgreen Solar – 75 MW
  • Titan 1 Solar – 70 MW
  • T Solar – 30 MW
  • Ocotillo Wind – 300 MW
  • Viking Peaker- 225 MW solar/ 150 MW energy storage
  • Hudson Ranch 50 MW geothermal Project
  • CTR 225 MW of geothermal project
  • 20 Miles of 230kv transmission line
  • 55 miles of 92 kV line
  • 30 miles of 230kv transmission line
  • Several substations and switching stations ranging from 230kv, 161kv, 92kV, and 34.5kv
  • 13 distributed generation projects
  • Jesse provided testimony on behalf of IID to the CPUC regarding the 500kV Sunrise Powerlink.