Brandon McCorkle

Brandon McCorkle

Information Technology & Data Analyst III

With a background in information systems and cybersecurity, Brandon McCorkle leverages computer technology to enhance business processes for ZGlobal clients. His expertise includes programming, database management, web development, and network contingency planning. In his role as an energy information systems analyst, McCorkle provides a range of technical and analytical services to align system strategies with business requirements. He researches new computing applications and solutions with an eye on the compliance challenges of today’s modern grid operations.

Brandon’s IT responsibilities at ZGlobal:

  • Responsible for both client and ZGlobal personnel data access. Ensuring personnel and clients have access to CAISO web applications, CAISO API, OATI, ERCOT web applications, ERCOT API, ZGRID, and other data portals.
  • Manages ZGlobal’s internal IT, including but not limited to, Azure AD administration, Firewall management, On-premises network administration, Hardware repair, Helpdesk, etc.
  • Manages ZGlobal’s SCADA datahub, making sure ZGlobal’s 24-hour operation desk is capable of reviewing, monitoring, and operating ZGlobal’s co-located and hybrid-managed sites.
  • Supports ZGlobal’s bidding module vendor with data interfacing to client web services and ZGlobal databases.

Brandon’s Data Analyst Responsibilities at ZGlobal:

  • Designs and implements data analysis tools for ZGlobal team members to utilize to simplify and increase efficiency in client reporting.
  • Designs and implements BI dashboards for ZGlobal monitoring and client portfolio overview.
  • Attends and regularly participates in weekly/daily client meetings.
  • Provides and reports on reconciliation with metered energies.
  • Daily revenue estimate reporting and monitoring.
  • Provides clients with profit and loss end-of-month reports.
  • Provides and reports on daily/weekly CAISO settlement verification and reconciliation with expected market transactions. Including filing CAISO disputes as necessary.
  • Assists in invoicing processing with CAISO and PG&E.
  • Assists clients with their EQR filing transaction data requirements.
  • Provides backup for ZGlobal market operation tasks, such as RA and Meter submission.

Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Cybersecurity from the University of Nevada, Reno.