Zaher Harkous

Senior Power System Engineer

Zaher is a Senior Power System Engineer who specializes in the electric design of three-phase and single-phase systems (design and implementation), Three-phase conversions (Delta & Star), and circuit design.

His duties include the following:

  • Performing diagnostics of complex power circuits
  • Power systems protection circuit design
  • Power flow analysis
  • Short-circuit diagnostics and analysis
  • Load calculation and load distribution
  • Transmission pathway infrastructure and design
  • Distribution power flow analysis
  • Surge protection and earthing systems
  • Renewable and optimization energy-generation systems
  • Voltage control relays and current control relays
  • Expert in networking infrastructures (TCP/IP)
  • Performing uninterruptible power supply and inverters design and analysis (DC/AC Conversions)


Facility Management Professional (FMP)
Accredited by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
Certified in Leadership & Strategy, Operations & Maintenance, Project Management, and Finance & Business

Mechanical Engineer
Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering, Beirut (1997 – 2003)
Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME); Specialty: Energy and Control
Master’s Degree in Engineering (American and Canadian Equivalency)
Member of the Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut since 2006