Herve Pare

Herve Pare

Director, Project Development Services

Herve Pare is ZGlobal’s Director of Project Development Services for the Infrastructure Development team with over fifteen years of design and construction management experience. Herve is responsible for daily operation, supervision, coordination, and successful completion of projects. Herve develops project schedules and budgets, assesses project risks, formulates contingency plans, obtains conditional use and building permits, and engages in procurement and installation efforts for generating facilities of all sizes and locations.  Herve and his team skills include:

  • Preliminary & Detail Design
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Interconnections Facility Designs
  • Site Plans & elevation Layouts
  • CUP, Building, and construction permits.
  • Procurement and Construction Management
  • Independent Engineering Review.
  • Interface with Clients EPC, the local utility, and counties/cities.

Prior to joining ZGlobal, Herve worked for many renewable developers building projects from the ground up. He has gained valuable experience in design engineering, construction, start-up/commissioning as well as operations and maintenance of distributed solar energy projects. In addition, Herve performed observations, inspections, and tests of building construction projects and documented findings in accordance with good engineering practices and building codes. 

​Herve Pare holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Sacramento State University.

Recent Accomplishments: Performed and managed design, permitting, interconnection, project costs, contracts, and construction activities for the following projects. Interfaced with local utilities and county/cities for the following operating and under construction projects:

  • Holtville BESS – 30 MW
  • El Centro Energy Storage – 30 MW
  • Titan 1 Solar – 70 MW
  • Viking Peaker- 225 MW solar/ 150 MW energy storage
  • CTR 225 MW of geothermal project
  • 16 distributed generation and behind-the-meter projects
  • Project development services to 29 utility-scale projects totaling2030 MW.