Jamal Batajki

Senior Market Specialist

Jamal has been leading the CAISO market operation from its inception in 1998 to 2022. He had several responsibilities over the 25 years at CAISO. His extensive background dealing with all aspects of Grid and Market Operation, while at the CAISO, adds more depth to ZGlobal. Jamal operated the CAISO markers, provide training to CAISO Scheduling Coordinator, and transition the CAISO to the nodal market, EIM Congestion markets, market power mitigation and extended day ahead market along with various implementation of market policies such as resources adequacy, energy storage and the following responsibilities:  

  • Provided training for Scheduling Coordinators (SC)’s on the ISO Scheduling Infrastructure (SI) and Scheduling Application (SA) Systems.
  • Determined and developed the system load forecast for the ISO control area. Obtained current weather forecasts for the State of California. Utilized and maintained the integrity of the Load Forecast Program Database. Updated forecast as needed during the day and transferred to ISO Public Marked Information.
  • Assessed and determined the need for Ancillary Services based on the system load forecast, marked conditions, input from real-time operating staff, ISO Tariff/Protocols, and the Western Systems Coordinating Council (WSCC) Minimum Operating Reliability Criteria (MORC) to ensure robust and reliable operations. Managed the Ancillary Service markets to optimize Ancillary Service procurements.
  • Coordinated the Available Transmission Capacity (ATC) and Exiting Transmission Contracts (ETC) based on changes in transmission operating limits, ISO Tariff/Protocols, and transmission contracts.
  • Reviewed Day-Ahead schedules. Conducted Optimal Power Flow studies to determine if schedules, as proposed, would cause interzonal congestion. Managed interzonal congestion using Scheduling Coordinators adjustment bids via the “CONG” program to re-dispatch the system at the lowest cost. Forwarded final schedules the real-time operation.
  • Provided market participants with a reliable and accurate forecast of system conditions. Published and ensured the integrity of the public system forecast information potentially congested path, projected transmission uses, Generation Meter Multiplier, Tie Meter Multiplier, and load forecast.
  • Provided ongoing Scheduling Coordinator’s support in scheduling/bidding, trade resolutions, system software problems, and market results analysis.
  • Worked under a special project market design group by providing analytical studies in support of more Congestion Zones. Ended results titled White Paper for Congestion Reform Appendix C, published on the ISO general Website page.

Jamal joined ZGlobal in 2023 with a focus on training our schedulers, reviewing and ensuring accurate operating procedures, risk management and compliance.

Recent accomplishments:

  • Successfully implemented the CAISO EIM Market
  • Implemented the design of the CAISO extended Day ahead market.
  • Implement the co-located and hybrid renewables project into the CAISO systems.