Yes, There is a Renewables Claus

Every December since 1998 when I began writing the Friday Burrito, I wondered how time passed so quickly. I was writing the January issue and it seemed in the time it takes to snap your fingers the last issue in December. Despite the melancholy, I plodded on because if I didn’t write, then I couldn’t breathe … in the spiritual sense you understand. Yes, it’s an addiction without apology. The lesson for y’all is do what you are passionate about and good things will follow.

From melancholy to sad, I mourn the loss of two women whose passing has meant more to me than I can say. The first was Patricia S. Hoffman, who passed on November 22nd and was the wife of my pal Bob Hoffman. The second was Rebecca Smith, retired journalist for the WSJ, among other accomplishments, who died last Friday. I wish to dedicate today’s Burrito in their memory. More on both in the Odds & Ends section below.

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