Hey Hey Mama

Our beloved 13-year old Halley’s Comet eased into the afterworld earlier this week. Her options became obvious … either let her starve and be in pain because she wasn’t eating or able to take her medications, or gently put her down. Of course it was a painful choice. However, after seven months or lifting and toting her around because she couldn’t walk or stand up, and tending to her needs round the clock, our sacrifice was rewarded in a different way.

Odd, isn’t it, that when someone you love depends upon you to endure, your efforts, though taxing, become a calling. It defines your existence even for a short while because the end state is certain although the timing isn’t. A rational person would never sign up for that kind of duty. But when the bell rings you are there. Willingly. Kindly. Exhausted at times. Frustrated at moments because you don’t know how to help. Nonetheless, you make a sincere effort to be the pillar upon which another’s survival rests. God bless our fur baby for all the happiness she gave us. The masthead photo of her, above, is when she was 5-years old.

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