Time Again to Repair the World

Tonight is the beginning of the Jewish New Year. For me, it marks the passage of time in a nostalgic way. Most of my
immediate family does not partake in the traditions or rituals such as dipping apples into honey to begin the festivities.
My son, brothers, cousins, nieces, and nephews give it scant attention. But I hold on to it because it offers solace and
comfort (and time for earnest personal reflection) that I do not find in any other way. In the age of AI and overwhelming
technology advancements it might seem that celebrating a religious holiday is a bother more than a blessing. For example,
since this year’s holiday begins on a Friday night the services are extra-long to include prayers for both the New Year and
the Sabbath. However, my journey is a personal one and without the High Holidays and without long services once every
several years I wouldn’t feel settled. I need to feel settled in a spiritual way every so often. It tugs me out of a rut.

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