Count The Blessings

You knew today’s masthead picture was coming. You didn’t think I’d pass on the opportunity to introduce my first grandson, William Isaac Ackerman. Born on Friday, September 22 (as predicted) and weighing 6 lbs. 10 oz., his parents with baby returned home on Monday and are adjusting to their new life together. As for me, I have a perpetual smile on my face. This is a good way to start the New Year.

As I welcome the new, I also bid farewell to the old. Today’s is the last Burrito to be sent freely to all WPTF members2
thus ending a continuous run since September 1998. However, going forward, WPTF members may subscribe for a monthly fee. My plan is to dispatch in one email both the full meaty version with the humorous and thought-provoking stories at the end (okay, I’m embellishing my view of the Odds & Ends (!) section) along with the sanitized edition sans stories. That means readers will have to choose between which of the two hot links to click. No one will be holding your hand. I trust that Burrito readers will be able to handle this burden. Below is more information about subscription options.

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