Tu Two Tambien

Seasonal atmospheric rivers have landed in Southern California this week. The doom-and-gloom media stories have turned from “not enough rain” to “too much rain.” Whatever gripes you will be the story. Our weather breaks last weekend and earlier this week were spring-time temperate and very welcome. Now it’s back to the dark clouds, life-saving precipitation, and glorious snowfall in the mountains.

Football crazy was last weekend. The first half of the 49er’s game against the Lions did not entertain me. It’s a mystery why a team as talented as the 49ers must come from behind to win in the late quarters. Since the Bill Walsh days as head coach of San Francisco (a la Santa Clara), the squad has had an intellectual bent. Other teams, such as the present-day Detroit Lions, play(ed) with a lot of emotion, and it works … for a while. A winner needs luck, passion, and smarts, and I don’t know how the first is garnered without a freak mishap that hands a favor to the smartly coached team and also sparks the zeal of its players. I’d like to believe that a game’s outcome is more formulaic than that, but it ain’t. As golfers well know, the scorecard doesn’t show the lucky bounces and good misses, but it does show the horrors of a shot gone astray that adds strokes (and might cause a few).

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