Victor Perez

Victor Perez

Market Analyst II

Victor Perez is a Market Analyst with ZGlobal and works closely with power and gas marketers to manage assets. He is responsible for performing analytical analysis in portfolio bidding strategies, CRR, and load forecast, scheduling a variety of generators into the CAISO and bilateral markets in both day-ahead and real-time functions for the operations center. Victor also provides general business and technical expertise in support of the administration, reporting, and scheduling of wholesale power transactions; relaying pertinent information from the scheduling environment to the trading group to stay current with gas/power scheduling practices. 

Victor is a Market Analyst II with a focus on performing deterministic and statistical data analysis to aid in developing strategy recommendations related to CAISO, bilateral western interconnection, and ERCOT markets. Victor was ZGlobal’s real-time scheduler where he spent several years training, scheduling, bidding, and performing real-time functions over several years. He currently assists in the following tasks:

  • Maintain and use multiple load forecasting algorithms based on historical load data and weather patterns to forecast hourly load usage for multiple clients with the objective of minimizing error to actual metered usage and minimizing total energy cost to ZGlobal’s clients.
  • Prepares data-driven reports for clients and reviews them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis so that clients can understand the load forecast’s financial impact.
  • Generation and load bidding strategies and optimization, and
  • conducts a complex analysis of the Congestion Revenue Rights (CRR) market in California to analyze patterns in the CRR market to provide congestion hedging strategies consistent with clients’ risk policies. 
  • Participates in the annual CRR allocation for load-serving entity clients and annual and quarterly CRR auctions.
  • Maintaining ZGlobal’s analytical models including interacting with the technical teams of ZGlobal’s vendor-provided algorithms. 

Victor holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Universidad del Valle de Mexico.