Joshua Cain

Josh Cain

Interim Manager, Market Settlements

Joshua Cain is an Interim Manager of Market Settlements at ZGlobal. Joshua is responsible for the day-to-day analysis and assessment of CAISO Settlement validation, reconciliation, and processing for ZGlobal’s CCA and other generation clients.  He has expertise in analyzing power purchase contract performance and value to offset cost to load for CCAs.  Prior to joining our team, Joshua worked in the Market Settlements Design & Configuration department at CAISO. This project-based contract focused on the analysis of energy market settlement calculations to improve efficiency and reduce processing time. Joshua also led the initiative to identify and address unnecessary or redundant charge code equations and created a visual model of the CAISO Settlement System to aid in analysis. 

  • Utilize Power Settlements’ Settlecore software to integrate power deal capture, scheduling, and settlement processes, including interfaces with CAISO.  
  • Shadow settlements:
  • Daily revenue estimate reporting and monitoring
  • Daily/weekly settlement verification and reconciliation with expected market transactions
  • Reconciliation with metered energy
  • Statement validation and disputes
  • Cost allocation
  • Data Access and Reporting
  • Regular meetings with Client
  • Resource level transactional reports
  • Portfolio position results,
  • Profit and loss end of month reports
  • Management summaries and drill-down to interval level detailed data

​Joshua holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Sonoma State University.