State of California

On behalf of the State of California, the California Attorney General, and the State Department of Justice, in the matter of widespread market manipulation that occurred in the California wholesale markets between May 1, 2000, and June 20, 2001; San Diego Gas & Electric Company, Complainant v. Sellers of Energy and Ancillary Services into Markets Operated by the California Independent System Operator Corporation and the California Power Exchange, Respondents. Testimony by Alaywan on August 13-16, 2013, Z. and McIntosh, J.; Docket Nos. EL00-95-000; EL00-95-045; EL00-95-075; EL00-98-000; EL00-98-042; EL00-98-063. Docket No. EL01-10-085. Specifically, testified in federal court which led to the settlement of the dispute. On August 18, 2013, the parties settled, and the State of California received a settlement of $750 million.

Project Location: California

Project Type: Expert Testimony

Capacity: N/A

ZG Service: Consult – Expert Testimony

Ziad Alaywan of ZGlobal provided expert witness testimony on behalf of the State of California providing subject matter expertise on market matters as related to the buying and selling of power. His expertise led to a favorable outcome, and the State of California received a settlement of $750 million.