Southwest Reserve Sharing Group

The Southwest Reserve Sharing Group (SRSG) participants share operating reserves to maximize generator dispatch efficiency. Shared reserves decrease costs of compliance and contribute to electric reliability in the Western Interconnection. Formed in 1998, the SRSG currently consists of fifteen utilities in the Southwest Region from Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Colorado, and El Paso, Texas with 24,803 MW peak load and 24,779 MW of generation capacity.

Project Location: Southwest United States

Project Type: Reserve Sharing

Capacity: 24,779 MW ZG Service: Operate – Asset Management Services

ZGlobal manages operating reserve sharing for the Southwest Reserve Sharing Group. These responsibilities include: Monitoring real-time response to loss of generation and transmission requiring dispatch of operating reserves for 15 balancing areas in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Colorado, ensuring operating reserves are dispatched in a timely and accurate manner, calculating and assessing penalties for non-compliance, ensuring compliance with NERC BAL standards specifying reliability requirements for balancing area, submitting disturbance response reports to WECC, providing NERC-compliant training to members, updating operating procedures and ensuring that operating practices match operating procedures, modifying and updating the Participation Agreement to ensure compliance with NERC reliability requirements, leading quarterly operating committee meetings as well as annual executive committee meetings.