Grapeland Peaker

This 10 MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) located in Norwalk, California, became operational in early 2017. The battery technology utilizes lithium-ion battery modules in a prefabricated enclosure, connected to industrial-grade power inverters, and is connected to the existing peaker plant 13.8 kV electrical system. This project is also a 10 MW / 4.3 MWh (AC) General Electric Co. (“GE”) Battery Energy Storage System that will be fully integrated with an existing power plant.

Project Location: Norwalk, California Project Type: Energy Storage (Battery) Capacity: 10 MW

ZG Service: Operate – O&M Services

ZGlobal provides O&M services for the 10 MW energy storage project including on-site unplanned repair of equipment, troubleshooting of equipment and systems, routine and as-needed installation of system component upgrades, as-needed repair/replacement of equipment, performing scheduled and as-needed testing of equipment, systems and components, provide local, on-call, onsite support.